pancake 20 1.7 seems sharper than new 25 1.4 wide open

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Re: pancake 20 1.7 seems sharper than new 25 1.4 wide open

Hi Barry,

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

You call it cliche I call it practical I would not suggest a WA lens for close up head shots..not unless you are deliberately trying to exaggerate facial features.

Not for close up head shots, indeed. My style of portraits is usually more environmental, as you already understood below:

Sure great if you want to take fuller body shots or show the environment..not great for my shooting.

So it seems like we have reduced our discussion to a different way of working

APS-C is to me the new "35mm" the format is firmly established for cameras outside of small sensor compacts. Yes you can use anything and good on ya I agree but this still isn't a portrait lens

And what happens to the DSLR micro 4/3 shooter? What if micro 4/3 is great for travel what else is there??

It's just a great system. I like the form factor a lot and my Olympus camera (I have the E-P1) is the first digital camera that makes me want to go out shooting. I once read a book on usability that stated: "camera + computer = computer", in other words, digital cameras were designed to feel like computers, not like cameras. Despite the fact that the E-P1 has no shutter/aperture dials like a manual SLR, and despite the fact that it has no viewfinder, it still feels more like a camera to me than several other cameras I tried (including DSLRs and compacts). It's something very irrational, but I just like the camera and the system.

Even stranger, I really like the Pentax Q as well, though I should try it out to see if that feeling of wanting to go out and shoot is also there.


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