Thoughts about the upcoming NX20, and NX future

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Tom Caldwell Forum Pro • Posts: 30,502
My very small wish list

I a pretty keen on my NX10. I hope that "improvements" do not spoil the nice easy to use feel of this camera.

One of my main bugbears is that it is all too easy to "set the white balance" accidentally with your thumb so there must be something with the grip - wither me or the camera. Perhaps the new grip on the NX11 has resolved this already.

I would also like to see a menu setting for a user-default setting. ie: the user sets up their personal camera settings and in a menu item saves current camera settings. Then the user can play away with whatever fantasy settings a situation might need but can just press (say) the green button and the camera would reset itself to the user's own preferred default condition. This should be a just a firmware update/\.

Oh, and a focus confirm for manual lenses - need phase detect on the sensor for this but it surely must happen sooner or later.

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