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Re: Phase detect focus on the sensor?

Loring von Palleske wrote:

The next coming thing on sensors has to be phase-detect focus on the sensor. It is here and kicking right now and it seems that all manufacturers are working on a version.

Phase detect on the sensor will give all EVIL type cameras dslr-like focussing speeds.

With dslr like lenses and dslr-like focus speeds it then remains the question on whether evf can replace ovf. Many are happy enough to do so already.

Once the tipping point is reached it becomes merely a question of the package size of the dslr versus the package size of an EVIL.

Neither Panasonic nor Samsung, or for that matter, Ricoh, have invested in a plant to produce ovf mirror boxes. Ricoh might have such facilities somewhere but I guess it has gummed up with rust by now.

The fact that big players can go for an increasingly sophisticated camera line up without taking the dslr route must say a lot for the longevity of dslr as a type.

Not about dead for a while yet but I doubt if any manufacturer beyond Canon and Nikon is about spending a real lot on ovf-mirror facilities.

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Tom Caldwell

I have yet to hear about phase detect on the sensor - I do know AF speeds for contrast detect will be getting speedier and speedier but I am at a loss as to how one would get phase detect to work on the sensor ...

Phase detect works by splitting the light beam - anything that is out of focus is out of phase (lines won't line up - similar to the old prism focussing aids we had for manual focussing) - there would have to be some incredible software to try to stitch the out of alignment lines back together for out of focus areas. I am not saying it is impossible just unlikely. It would be easier to bring contrast detect up to speed with phase detect.

If you have any links to this technology Tom - could you possibly send me a link. I need to stay on top of this stuff!


Sorry for the delay.

Phase detect on sensor is actually already up and running - scuttlebutt seems to be saying most camera companies are patenting a variety of methods to do this.


Even here on good ol' dpreview there is an explanation.

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Tom Caldwell

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