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Re: str8pipe: Do you have a D300 example?

rpps wrote:

I can't understand all the hype about better noise levels at higher ISO's with the D7000, gee do you need a camera too be able to take photos in complete darkness, if it's that dark put a flash on.

Well, life is not that simple for everyone in every situation. Besides, a flash has just a short range; even my SB-900 is limited. Another disadvantage of your "solution" is that a flash will always give uneven light, as opposed to natural light, which is if not shaded or blocked is nice and even. Flash is just a spot light, is many times very useful and necessary indoors but has limited use outdoors. You should not confuse flash and high ISO, the one does not exclude the need of the other.

I took a few photos last night it was very dark the cars had their headlight on and at 1600 ISO I thought the photos from my D300s very acceptable, looked much lighter in the photos than what my eyes could see.

That is not really taken in dark... in the shade yes, but definitely not in the dark.

On the second photo I used a bit of Topaz Denoise, excuse the camera shake as I was shooting out of the car .

What is the difference between the first and the second? A slightly less noise in the second but the first has more detail.

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