Olympus imaging CATASTROPHIC collapse; it's coming

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James Pilcher Veteran Member • Posts: 8,740
Olympus imaging CATASTROPHIC collapse; it's coming

Many of you have followed this journey. Today it ended in a crash landing and I'm not sure whether it is Olympus or I that is the fatality. What I have to say below will incense many of you. You can disagree with me all you wish, but you will be wrong.

Background: I've had AF issues with my E-5 and 35-100mm since I purchased the body last November. I had no such issues with the 35-100mm on my pair of E-1 bodies, but they are gone. I received my equipment back from Olympus today. This was the third time I've sent it to Olympus since March 18th. In each and every instance, Olympus has failed to solve the root problem I'm having: inconsistent PDAF focus. It is so inconsistent that I cannot calibrate the lens and body because on any given round of focus adjustments; -9 can look as good as +5 with all sorts of variation in between. Focus adjust is pointless on the E-5. Autofocus is pointless on the E-5.

OLYMPUS IS INCOMPETENT. I sent sample photos. I wrote up and sent a well-defined controlled testing methodology. I asked that Olympus not return my kit until PDAF was as accurate and consistent as Live View CDAF. What I got back is little different than what I sent. It's obvious that Olympus did not test my equipment after making (imaginary?) adjustments. It took me only a few minutes to set up my tripod and DUPLICATE the awful results I had previously and supplied to Olympus as samples. I am out over $200 for repairs and shipping since March with absolutely nothing to show for it. Legal action is attractive.

THE E-5 IS A TERRIBLE CAMERA. It cannot be fixed if anything is wrong with it. Olympus has proven that beyond a doubt. Hell, there aren't even parts around to repair it!!! Witness the E-5/E-3 EPIC FAILURE going on in this forum. Olympus has made no overture to replace my E-5. I would not accept it nor would I beg, borrow, or steal a new E-5 at this point. Why accept one Edsel as a replacement for another?

THE OLYMPUS E-5 AND ZUIKO 35-100MM DO NOT WORK WELL TOGETHER. I don't understand why anyone with this combination tolerates having to shoot at f/4 or f/5.6 to mask inconsistent focusing. I did not pay $2100+ USD for a 35-100mm f/5.6 lens.

PURCHASING ANYTHING OLYMPUS IS JUST PLAIN STUPID. I admit it. I'm stupid. I was sucked in by marketing and the lure of the latest and greatest. Anyone who reads this forum and knows about the service problems at Olympus now, knows about the poor quality spewing from Olympus factories today, and then continues to use and purchase Olympus...is stupid.

OLYMPUS WILL FAIL. The level of customer mis-service that is occuring at this point is certainly a harbinger of the catastrophic imaging division collapse to come. Jump ship now so the Olympus collapse doesn't suck you under with it.

There. I've said my peace. Most of you are angry with me if you read this far. That's OK. I need Olympus friends like I need our failed presidency. I hope a few folks get the chance to read this before it is pulled and I am banned.

Jim Pilcher
Summit County, Colorado, USA

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