Help choose my first lens please.

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Re: i really disagree Re: +1 on the NOT 50mm f/1.8 (or primes at all) -

Lol, you're asking the wrong guy for advice, I'm a newb as well! For my action shots with the really shallow DOF on the 1.8 without a flash in low light without a flash I set my MF to where I need it and then fire rapid shots on the highest setting. That DOF is so small I find the AF just doesn't work fast enough...but again that's my humble experience with action shots on the 50mm. Out of that cluster of shots I hope to get one right at the perfect focus point.

Other than that I'm getting great shots with my external 430ex II, just point it at the ceiling and fire away. Absolutely a world of difference from my old setup. I have to say, the external flash is a MUST.

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