The World Camera!!!???

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Re: The World Camera!!!???

If I'm traveling the world, it can't be with just 1 camera -- need a alternate/back-up. My choice would be:

  • EPL2, 20/1.7 and 14-42 II, M-MFT adapter

  • M6, 50/2 and 90/4

M6 is pure mechanical alternate (battery only needed for metering) and film is another mode. Plus, with adapter, the M lenses can be used on EPL2. Doesn't have to be an "L", so long as it's mechanical and its lenses can be used on EPL2.

Frankly I don't find traveling with EPL2 and 4-5 lenses any problem at all -- so I'd sneak in the 100-300 and the Holga 25.

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