Impression of the Oly-E-PL2

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Re: Impression of the Oly-E-PL2

I am a little puzzled about some of the images I am getting on cloudy days in the bush.

It seems on cloudy days the images the PL 2 produces are muddy and I played with aperture speed and ISO and couldn't get rid of it. I was getting eaten alive every time I stopped moving so it didnt try everything but the standard tricks didn't work. It might hav been camera shake at low ISO and nr at high. This is using the 40 to 150 lens full and partial zoom

This worried me a little so i decided to do done semi rigorous testing compared to my FZ30. I found that in good light and with a flash the PL 2 captures an amazing amount of detail, quite a lot more than the FZ30 even though the Fz has twice the zoom. Strapping a oly Tcon tele increases the mag but I didn't see any more detail. Looks like the 40 150 kit lens is pretty much maxing out the sensor. I don't think there would be much point in buying the official Tele conv from oly.

So it is not the lens or the sensor, both of which are superb IMO. It could be the focus and as manual focusing without a viewfinder is near impossible at zoom I can't be sure.

My guess is I am asking too much from such a slow lens.

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