600D - blank images

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Re: 600D - blank images

iljai wrote:

Probably you accidentally pressed exposure lock button while camera was pointing somewhere dark what caused huge overexposure.

Yes, I could very easily have pressed the Exposure Lock (*) button while handling the camera (I never turn it off while moving from one location to the next).

I was under the impression that you had to hold down the * button, but after re-reading the manual (p.107 EN) I can see that this is only the case if you want to take further shots with the same exposure settings.

For one shot you just have to hold it for 4 seconds, which could easily happen while removing the lens cap, untangling the strap etc.

I think you've found the most plausible explanation.

Thank you and everyone else who replied.

ISO3200 with 1/10 sec means there was pretty dark. I wonder what was exposure settings for previous/next shots right before/after those.

Before: ISO 200 and 1/80s, after: ISO 2539.84 and 1/166s (??)

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