The World Camera!!!???

Started Jun 22, 2011 | Discussions thread
PaulChapman Contributing Member • Posts: 985
it all depends.....

I think you need three bits of glass....and it depends where you are going to.

India in January, used my GF1 with
7-14 used a bit
Voigtlander 25 on most of the time
45-200 used a bit

In Vietnam
7-14 used quite a bit
Voigtlander 25 on most of the time
LX3 used quite a bit

In Holland.....just the 7-14 and 25
In France....ditto plus an LX3 for kite aerial photography

I am in Switzerland this week so I will take guessed it! 7-14, 25 and LX3

The 25 is good for stitching up wide views; this is a crop from a 5x4 array using Hugin

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