The World Camera!!!???

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Re: The World Camera!!!???

Nice challenge! Does the person with the best advice get to go on that trip?

With the two lens limitation, I'd go for a superzoom: 14-140 (expensive but with OIS) or 14-150 (cheaper, little bit more reach).

The I'd add either the 20mm (pancake) or 25mm (brighter aperture, better for portraits). Although it's not pancake, I'd lean to the 25mm. This lens is for low light, street, discrete shots at social gatherings, and probably on the cam for most of the time... For the real wide-angle shots, use the 20 or 25 and stitch them together.

A more affordable package would be the E-PL2 +14-150mm adding the 25mm. Of course you'd lose the viewfinder, but it seems that getting the G3, superzoom and 25mm separately would be much more expensive.

PipelineExplorer wrote:

What camera setup would you take with you to travel the world. What lens and camera would you take. Must be interchangeable lens camera, Dslr or M4/3. What two lenses would you take with you. Whether it be pictures for national geographic close up or far way?!?! What is your ideal setup?

I would probably lean to the g3 or the d5100 but am unsure of the lens. it would probably be a pancake and a large telephoto. Then again i am new to photography and know nothing!!!

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