Olympus Customer Service EPIC FAIL ...

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Olympus Customer Service EPIC FAIL ...


I didn't really think that Olympus could be that screwed up. My E-5 came back from Olympus Repair in NY after taking a month to replace the top cover plate and clean the sensor.

The sensor had those dreaded oil spots on it that were getting progressively worse with use. The top plate was dinged when I banged the camera on some rocks shooting waterfalls this past Spring. I thought that now was the time to send it in for the spots as long as it was going in for repair anyway.

I happily approved payment for the damage I had done to the camera. They managed to lose part of the paperwork that was sent in with the camera so I had to fax in copies of that also. This was a sign of things to come.

It finally came back with an E-3 top plate on it! I thought that they had just sent me back the wrong camera but the serial number on the bottom was in fact mine. So Olympus has changed my E-5 into an E-3 . If it wasn't so incompetent it would be funny.

I am waiting to hear back from customer service after they check with the repair manager. I'll let you know how this turns out but in the meantime all I can say is...

Don't buy Olympus !!!

I have owned Olympus E-System equipment since 2004 and currently own and use 2 E-1s and 2 E-5s and I can't believe how lousy their customer service has gotten. This is just an unacceptable level of customer service.

Thanks for listening to me vent,

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