User's opinions of the P500?

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Re: User's opinions of the P500?. Read This Review

On image quality: "The P500's weak spot is definitely photo quality. Starting on a positive note, exposures were accurate, and highlight clipping wasn't any worse than other compact cameras. Colors were pleasing in most situations, except in our studio, where everything seemed washed out (I'm guessing it's a white balance issue). Redeye and purple fringing levels were fairly low. Now, the bad news. Despite the back-illuminated CMOS sensor and dual image processors, the P500's photos are soft and over-processed, with lots of detail loss -- even at the base ISO of 160. Things get worse quickly, so don't expect to be shooting above ISO 400 on the Coolpix P500. Now, if you're a casual shooter who shares their photos on Facebook or via 4 x 6 inch prints, then these issues probably won't matter. But those who want to make larger prints or shoot in low light will want to consider another camera."

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