SD14 vs SD15 vs SD1...............

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Re: SD14 vs SD15 vs SD1...............

I couldn't agree with you more. And you point the reason that Sigma remains small on the camera front. Lack of focus (pun intended). Most people don't know Foveon from Bayer from Aspirin. They just know brand. If Sigma fought to control the small camera IQ space, like "Sure it's slow, but it's worth it." or "Other cameras produce images, ours produce art." etc., they could sell more cameras. Both Sigma and its users are somewhat arrogant. They like playing the part of misunderstood artists. Partly, I love Sigmas because they make me look good. Fujifilm is smart in building buzz about his X100. The camera takes nice photos, but everyone here knows it's the same old thing. The public just sees a retro camera with a high price tag and assumes it must be fantastic. I'm not sure who the joke is on, eventually.

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