Does anyone else have a steadier grip using the screen rather than the EVF/OVF?

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Re: Does anyone else have a steadier grip using the screen rather than the EVF/OVF?

ericN2 wrote:

I must first make the point strongly that I am "against" the use generally of EVF's... and I point out the word "against" very particularly for the fact that I do not object to their use in any way.. but rather I am against the use , purely because of personal matters..and I think it very likely that the same could be said for quite a lot of others.

The reason being that even going back to old SLR days..I neve bought any model SLR without first having to see if the maker (Canon, Nikon, whoever..) made and supplied to order an alternative lens to add to the VF with a particular dioptre value.. as it is a fact that almost all cameras made in Japan (as then, and indeed still now..) seem to have VF dioptre adjustments which always seem to be biased more to one way than the other..and alas NONE of these I've ever found suit ME.. or my eyes in particular.

If the dioptre adjustment range isn't wide enough for you then surely your eyesight is bad enough to warrant wearing glasses? And EVF should work fine with corrected vision, although it might be vignetted a little.

I believe some of the viewfinder magnifiers have a wider dioptre range than some of the viewfinders they're designed to magnify. I assume most EVFs won't have the fitting to accept these though, being designed for SLRs. One might be able to adapt one.

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