To E-1 owners, in case you missed this...

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Re: Thanks oly,

still hoping for full challenge.

maybe most of the former E-1 owners sold the gem and are no more interested in photographs of "obsolete" gear. but there must be millions of undiscovered/unseen great shots.

please go on submitting...

olyflyer wrote:

nick_webster wrote:

I'd stopped entering the challenges because I felt not enough people were taking the time to vote, although they found the time to shoot and enter

Hi Nick,

I rarely vote but how many people vote in a challenge is varying a lot. Some are more popular than others. Anyway, I see these challenges mostly as fun and I like to look at the images. Since the E-1 challenge has 3 maximum number of entries per user and the maximum number of entries in challenge is 300 I was a bit surprised that the challenge has not been filled almost immediately, and still today only about 70 contributions, which in my opinion is very low, especially considering how much talk is (or was) going on here about the E-1.

I might have a stab at this though I expect to finish near the bottom as there are some great photos already,

Please contribute with your images. I am looking forward to see them.

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sorry for bad english

your not as good as your gear makes you...
your gear is as good as you make it.

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