Olympus E-PM1 leaked!

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no flash, no grip, no problem?

tedolf wrote:

Morpho Hunter wrote:

.....unless there will be a new EVF with a hotshoe on top.

I never understand this complaint. If you want to use an external flash and the EVF, just use the flash off camera.

What is so hard about that?

With the Oly flashes it is all TTL and wirelessly controled from the LCD on the back of the camera.

You and Olympus are in La La land if you think average users are going to be toting around flash, holding it in one hand, or on a bracket. The objective is small package, remember? Even 36R flash is as big and heavy as the camera itself.
This thing better have an NEX-style tiny attachable flash, otherwise, no sale.

GF3 has flash and better grip. Oly also messed up a couple of other things that are apparent in the leaked photo. Hope it sells well, but I'll skip this one.

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