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Re: The small-bodied FF market is ripe for the taking

waynes wrote:

That's the point.

They are not worse than T3i, D3100, D7000, 7D, but still sell less. Because of the flagship names of Canikons. But those are good cameras and Pentax can try to compete in sells.

Also could try to make FF and try to compete in sells with the big 3.

Now, Pentax is selling way way less slrs than the big ones, but still IS selling some?
The same applies to FF DSLR.

Olympus and Panasonic do not make FF. Right? For what reason Pentax can make and sell FF better than them? I don't see it. If not, then keep doing what you do best.

Because he can make better FF, like he can make better cropped dslr?

Myari wrote:

waynes wrote:

Pentax is small, and now Kx and K5 are leading in APS.

Really? In what country Kx and K5 selling more than T3i, D3100, D7000, 7D?

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