To D3X or D3s?

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keep ducking m8!

Mike Cinch Perry wrote:

nikonwiz338 wrote:

these are 2 completely different cameras used for different purposes. considering your about to possibly drop $8000 don't you think you should be able to answer this question for yourself?

I have been shooting Combat Camera for the Army now for little over 5 years, the cameras the Army supplied were crap so I purchased my own (D2Hs and a D2X) I also used these cameras to shoot just about ever country music start around at concerts (made a bit of money at that) plus was shooting at Road Atlanta and Atlanta motor speedway. I know what I like to shoot or should I say what makes money, but the lack of samples of low light D3X had me wondering, that's why I asked (This is a D3 fourm right?) I was simply wanting to get the opinions of others that own both cameras.

Thanks for everyone's advice, I'll end up ordering both since I just found out I was promoted today, and I also extended my service for another 6 years with a nice tax free bonus while I'm here in Iraq. Thanks again, time for me to go play in the 130 degree sandstorms, and dodge 240mm rockets (at 3am).

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