GF3.. another failure?

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Re: GF3.. another failure?

fuego6 wrote:

It would seem the GF3 is another failure in the making... sure - nice small compact body which we all want in a m4/3... with a HUGE HUNKING zoom lens stuck on it! Is the technology to create small zoom lenses that are tiny technologically unfeasible at this point in time? Why all the M4/3 teeny tiny bodies... and HUGE lenses stuck on the front...? How does this persuade me to get one?

As pointed out, yes, you can't have a tiny zoom lens with a large sensor. Larger lenses are the price you pay for the large sensor. The good news is that you can still put a pancake prime on it.

You wonder who the market for this camera are. The market are those who want a compact camera with DSLR-like image quality. I don't think "soccer moms" are going to buy it -- if they were to get serious about photography, they'd be better served by a DSLR.

I do believe that you're mistaken that "advanced" users won't want this camera. I'm a DSLR owner and I'm interested. So is another DSLR owner who posted. I'd probably get body only with the 20mm f/1.7 and maybe get the 45mm f/1.8 or maybe just mount my Canon lenses via an adapter.

Some of the claims that it's "dumbed down" or not "smart" enough for "advanced" users are just plain misinformed. The camera supports raw (only high end point and shoots have this), your standard manual exposure settings Av Tv and full manual (surprisingly missing from many point and shoots), color temp adjustment (missing from many "advanced" P&S) manual focus (do any P&Ss do this ?). It doesn't hurt that you can buy a decent lens for it instead of a cheapo consumer zoom.

It also has touch focus, a unique feature which is probably a hell of a lot easier than moving the focus point around. I often take shallow DOF pictures of moving targets and I would find this very useful.

As far as I can tell, some getting horribly bent out of shape because
(a) they don't like touch screens,

(b) it doesn't have a hot shoe ... I would have prefered a hot shoe to the built in flash which I wouldn't use, but then again, I would be unlikely to use it with a hot shoe flash. Seriously, is anyone going to buy this camera to use as part of a strobist setup ?
(c) it doesn't have a viewfinder.

(d) they want a Micro 4/3 version of a Fuji X100 and are criticizing this camera on the grounds that it isn't that.

(e) simply misinformed about the camera and/or jumping on the bandwagon/ joining in the "two minutes of hate". Ironic that a self-appointed elite would be so horribly misinformed, but it's hardly unprecedented.

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