Here's Hoping Cell Phone Cameras Stay Horrid

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Re: Who made you look?

Leonard Migliore wrote:

I do not believe that such candidates are available.

Yeah, human nature's pretty predictable. Powerful men assert dominance through sexual conquest. Oh, and money corrupts principles, as far as policy goes. There's pretty much nobody out there whose morals or political principles aren't subject to the "Ghost in the Machine." And that's not tied to party affiliation. It's just what happens when you get an egomaniac who thinks they should run the country in a position where they can actually run the country.

Your best bet, in terms of policy, is to back third-party candidates who haven't had time to sell out yet. Then hope they get a little something done before the machine turns them into just another politician.

These guys have a pretty good platform, IMO:

I changed my registration a few months ago.

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