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Re: Leadless Solder

The Customer wrote:

I'm told these "tin whiskers", as I've seen them called, are also posing a potential problem for space organizations who often have to use at least some off-the-shelf parts in things like satellites; or who won't be able to get old-fashioned solder soon (if they even still can).

Lead solder is still available. If I can buy it online, space organizations can get it. I would think the issue is a difficulty in buying components/subassemblies that still use lead solder. It would be expensive to pay a company that has converted to lead-free solder to go back and make some components with lead solder, if the majority of the company's business needs to be lead-free for terrestrial use. However, I'm not sure how many off-the-shelf products are used in space. I would think they would be very specialized for temperature extremes and radiation exposure. Therefore, they are likely to be custom (expensive) parts to begin with and could be made using lead solder without too much additional expense...

Cheers, Keith

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