To D3X or D3s?

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Re: To D3X or D3s?

I use the D3s which I think is a more all round performer. In the field you may also find the self-cleaning sensor an advantage to increase the time between full cleanings.

I have used a D3x once or twice and it certainly gives great results but I felt that after ISO 800 there was noticeable degredation - which may or may not be acceptable in your personal use situation, as what is acceptable or not is very much a matter for the user. I think it is a better studio, landscape or architecture camera than it is a sports/action camera (and so do Nikon, which is why the D3s exists along side it).

The D3s will shoot happily at ISO12800 if you need it to, offers video if that is needed (for me it isn't) and is faster in terms of fps rates etc.

Here in NZ the price difference is NZ$6,979 (USD$5624) for the D3s and NZ$9,999 (USD$8058) for the D3x.

I think the D4 might be somewhere between the two when it appears (in terms of MP and speed) so I won't be getting anything now until we get some concrete info on that.

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