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Re: @Kzoozoomer - A700 misfit?

I received email messages from Gary Fong reps claiming that the Sony Puffer fits all Sony DSLRs (not Minoltas) EXCEPT the A700. They suggested that I return mine to the seller for a refund. The SONY Puffer can still be used on the A700, however. It's just that it only slides about 1/3 of the way on to the hot shoe, and thus the fit is not as stable as one might like.

I have not tried performing any surgery on my Sony Puffer because: (a) I have a LumiQuest SoftScreen that works pretty well (with some warming effect), as well as an old Minolta CD-1000 diffuser; and (b) I want the Puffer to fit my next Alpha camera, whatever that will be. I think it would take more than a little filing, as it's the outer sides of the Puffer bracket that appear to be too wide for the hot shoe, and there are no outer lips to file down.

All my Minolta and Sony hot shoe covers fit my DiMage 7i, Maxxum 5, and Sony A700 with no problem. Haven't tried any imported knockoffs.

Finally, my daughter uses a Puffer on her Canon Rebel, and it's definitely an improvement over direct flash.

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