FW .4 (UK) OS X - Success!

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Re: FW .4 (UK) OS X - Success!

Ozett wrote:
Luminous Landscape did also copy that modern myth:

A note to Mac users.... If you have a recent Mac that runs in 64 bit mode you will need to reboot before installing the update by holding the 3 and the 2 keys down. This will boot your Mac in 32 bit mode and allow the installation.

this is pure nonsens! I run the FirmwareUpdater from DiskImage on a Mac 10.6.7. My NEX-5 is up an running again, helping manual focus a lot.

There is the usual SONY-poor software design annoyances. It took me several reconnecting the camera to the computer via cabel until the software finally recognized the camera. The camera always was waiting for the software.

This is software similar to that of Eye-Fi. If there were any competing products, I'd never bought any of those because of their poor software. But as far as SONY is concerned they learned a lot from MacOS and iOS and did implement good software on the NEX itself.

Another poor example: TomTom is great in the car, their Mac-software is such a nightmare, I'll not buy their iOS-navigator.

I'm on 10.6.7 as well, but if I run it while under 64 bit, I get prompted that it is not compatible with 64-bit kernels. It won't let me go any further than that. However, after booting into 32 bit, I can run the software with no problems.

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