G12 firmware update?

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Brian D. Schneider
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Re: G12 firmware update?

PhilM oz wrote:

You have to start the camera in playback mode using the rear 'play' mode button and then press Menu before doing anything else. The 'Firm Update...' option will be at the bottom of the first menu screen. If you switch to record mode and back the firmware update menu option will disappear.

CHDK doesn't actually update the firmware on your camera; it just uses this technique to boot the CHDK software. Unless you enable autoboot on the SD card you have to do this manual boot every time.


Brian D. Schneider wrote:

I've downloaded the CHDK firmware to my sc card but cant figure how to update firmware on the G12. I put it in play mode pressed menue but can't find it. What am I missing. Yes I did RTFM.
Brian Schneider

Got it, thanks
Brian Schneider

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