SZ30 - An evening at the beach

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Re: SZ30 - An evening at the beach

RayUK wrote:


Many thanks for your most comprehensive reply.

Although I mostly want a long zoom for sport and wildlife outdoors, I also specialise in performance photography, some of which is in our large mediaeval church or amateur theatre when I'm often a good way from the performers. Obviously I'm not expecting DSLR performance in such conditions, but the P500 totally failed to find focus in the church at anything above about 50mm. The SZ30 sounds much more promising, but there's only one way to find out.........


For sport it does have an AF Tracking mode which I haven't tried, in other modes it needs prefocusing to catch events which can be a bit time consuming compared to a DLSR.

For the church, I assume the reason the P500 failed is that it is relatively dark and although I have taken quite a few dark scenes, none of them are quite those circumstances. I guess the SZ-30 will be fine but if it is too dark then can see it trying, and failing, to use the AF illuminator and so being a bit slow to focus although it will still get there unless there is a lot of movement throughout the scene.

The image stabiliser works very well in those circumstances.

It's not the brightest of lenses if there is much movement to try and freeze but it does manage high ISO very well for a compact due to the CMOS sensor.

Those are the sort of circumstances where a large lensed DSLR really has an advantage over any compact.

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