Sigma AF 70-210mm f/3.5-4.5 APO as good as beercan?

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Re: Sigma AF 70-210mm f/3.5-4.5 APO as good as beercan?

I have the lens in Nikon mount. Unfortunately, I don't have a Nikon digital body AND the autofocus on the lens is broken. However, the two rolls of film I (somewhat) recently ran through a Nikon FE using the Sigma turned out fantastic! Very warm, reasonably sharp images that almost have a "lifestyle" shot look to them. With the metal body, it's not light; and I don't know if the AF routinely breaks on them, but I will tell you, unhesitatingly, that if I could find a fully-working one for one of my digital bodies, I would try very hard to get it. It's a lovely lens...

I've never owned a Beercan, so I can't compare; but it does compare favourably -- especially in terms of tonality -- to other Minolta lenses of the Beercan's era that I own, especially the 35-70mm f/4 (which I also like very much).

On the plus side for the Sigma: it at least looks much cooler than the Beercan, especially if you can find one in olive green.


RolfGuenter wrote:

Somewhere I read the Sigma 70-210 3,5-4.5 would be as good as the beercan?
Does anybody know this lens?

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