Another Shining Example of Customer Service

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Another Shining Example of Customer Service

First, I spent nearly 2 weeks trying to find a collapsible softbox that fit my needs: 20" or 24" square, 2 layers of diffusion, under $50, shipped from the US.

(There are many of the collapsibles on ebay coming out of China, but I've ordered from China before, and don't won't to repeat it. )

The problem is that the overwhelming majority of the collapsible softboxes come with a single, outer diffusion panel. In fact, even if they are listed as having 2 layers of diffusion, they don't. I had contacted several retailers about this issue, and without exception, they all verified that either their description or images depicting the item as having 2 diffusion layers, was in error. (Yet none of them made any effort to correct this, except...)

On one occaision, where the item was both listed and depicted in the product images as having 2 diffusion layers, I emailed the US based company to verify whether or not this was the case (it was also listed as a 24"x24" softbox, but described as a 20"x20" softbox, but that is another matter).

Their response was that it was a listing error, they immediately ended their ebay auction, and told me that they would look into the matter. Several days go by, and they email me back, telling me that they have verified and updated the listing.

To my surprise and delight, the new listing still shows 2 diffusion layers. And these are hard to find, especially in the US, so I immediately buy it ("Buy It Now" option).

Not done yet: About 10 minutes after placing my order, just to err on the side of caution, I decide to call the company (they have a website outside of ebay) to re-verify that this softbox truly has 2 diffusion layers, before my order is processed and shipped. And I'm especially leary, since I now find the same item for sale on their website, but it is listed with only 1 diffusion layer. Hmmm.

Well, the guy that I talk to is nice enough, and I tell him of my reasons for concern, due to my past contact with his company, and how the item description on ebay differs from that on their website. He tells me that he will have to involve management, but will get back to me later in the day, with the understanding that if the softbox only has 1 diffusion layer, I want to cancel my order.

Later in the day--nothing. So I email him to see if he had made any progress. I waiit for but get no response the rest of the day. The next day, I get an email from him telling me that the ebay listing is in error, and that the softbox only comes with 1 diffusion layer, despite what I was previously told by their customer service department, who supposedly verified that it had 2. He ends the email by asking me to let him know if I'd like to cancel the order (I already told him that I would want to cancel previously, but...). I email him back, and tell him to cancel the order immediately.

Still not done: That was 3 days ago, and he never responded to my last email. However, I had gotten an email from his company with a link to my order details. I check the link, and under order status it says "not shipped." So I thought, everything was fine, and I'd just wait for an email response from the guy.

Yesterday, just out of curiosity, and a lot of bad experiences with customer service departments in general, I decide to check the link containing my order details again, and you guessed it, under order status, it now says "shipped." I have a tracking number too, and the softbox that I don't want, made clear that I didn't want, went to extreme measures to ensure that I didn't get, is already on its way.

Keep up the good work!!!

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