What digital photo management software do you use?

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Re: What digital photo management software do you use?

Voice and face recognition are actually very similar, with comparable strengths and differences. As you note, general voice recognition doesn't work very well, but specialized voice recognition works eminently and is in use for booking tickets, timetables and call system navigation.

In the same way the face recognition in your photo management software will be rather bad at recognizing random people who only occur once or twice, or photographs you randomly throw at it from the 'net, but finding the specialized information which repeats to a high degree will be very accurate.

But, it's still just a tool to help YOU tag the photos, and not a magic wand to wave at a collection of photos and they're instantly tagged. When you import a bunch of photos you'll get suggestions of who's on them and it's up to you to verify them. It's a time saver, at least at present level of technology.


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