Fuji HS20 Firmware Wishlist

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Thomas Karlmann
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Fuji HS20 Firmware Wishlist

Fuji HS20 Firmware Wishlist:

1. Find a Way to allow Exposure Compensation in AutoEXR mode. There are way too many overexposed pix floating around by those who may not know any better. (For the record: The HS20 does allow exposure compensation in each individual EXR mode, but not in AutoEXR.)

2. Allow either Manual Focus and/or Push-AF-button-To-Focus in Movie mode. Right now we do not have adequate control over focus in movie mode and it is making the HS20 look poor on comparison.

3. Allow the ability to view the histogram in Play mode without having to hold a button in.

4. Provide an option to view a much larger Histogram in Capture mode – and make it translucent so we can still see the image. The best incarnation of this was done in the Nikon D70 DSLR.

5. Provide different buttons for zooming in and out that do not require repositioning the left hand from shooting mode. My suggestion would be the AF/AE and Movie buttons.

6. OK, not firmware exactly, but Where are the promised Flash units? And what features will they have that make me want to use them over those now available? Wireless? Hss? Please elaborate. If you choose not to elaborate on features, then we can buy competing units now. (Metz Unit)

7. Allow the user to swap AF/AE button and the Movie button. Sounds silly, but others are right – the AF button, for me anyway, gets used a lot more than the Movie button – and one's finger goes right to that Movie button.

8. It would be a very nice enhancement to have some type of Distance Scale when focusing manually – presently there is no feedback as to effect of turning the ring.

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