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Re: One other thing to consider ...

cutie07 wrote:

Tamron's 18-270 might be smaller, but lacks the in lens VC (vibration control) for sony mounts. Despite that it's not cheaper than the canon or nikon versions with VC.

Unbelievable, I would never support this policy. You pay extra for nothing.

Agreed. I was going to buy that lens until I made this disturbing discovery. That put me off it entirely. I chose the Sigma (even though it's the only one of the three, Sony being the third) that I could never try in a store before buying, so I bought it blind. The Sigma seems to have slightly better IQ than the Sony an has lens IS and is supposedly very quiet (I admit, I loved "listening" to the Tamron vs. the Sony in the store).

Tamron was way out of line on this one in my opinion. They lost my sale over it. I might have considered not requiring the IS and getting the Tamron over the Sigma, but not if they were going to rip me off over it. Screw that.

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