Lumix LX5 - to buy or not to buy

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Re: Lumix LX5 - to buy or not to buy

lacro wrote:

These are the reasons why I'm interested in the LX5 . Any suggestions are welcome.

I use the lx5 daily, the physical aspect ratio button has become my favorite control element, together with the easy af switch and excellent battery life - the only downside is the thumbwheel which is easy to press while turning

without compromising Image Quality (IQ) and at least have a versatile broad lens range of 24-90 (35 mm equivalent),

My friends gf1 shows maybe one step better iq, which is easily won over by the lx5 low aperture zoom, thus i absolutely prefer using the lx5 having the choice, the 24-90 is a near-perfect range, admittedly i use the extended 120mm zoom quite often:)

Don't care about the MP wars, and like to keep the manual control options.

The 10mp is also enough, i used sigma 4.7mp before, which had far better results (sigmas fixed lens, requiring raw plus unpredictable battery life made it too limited for daily use)

Also have tried the canon s90 and g12, which are too limited or too clumsy, the design of lx5 with the very useful grip has been a deciding factor, as well as the mandatory jjc cap:)
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