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Re: Not only time saving...

There you go , You see these new hard drives must have a built in ( bump is coming ) detector which parks the head when it detects a ( bump is coming ) . Incidentally , I would never have thought of this if nobody else had not already thought of it first . Murphy's law again .

You never know about connectors until you get in trouble. It could be just out of spec.
I had connectors so tight that they broke.

I have no explanation but this red streak also became contagious and I had to delete several more files of the same copy to finally get rid of the source . I Do not understand how it migrated to other copies of the same file .

Murphy at work again ?

Fragmentation at work? FAT table overwrite at work. Who knows.

I just had on one of the cards not find any files in that reader but I knew they were there. So I ran checkdisk and it found all the files with CHK so I had to rename them CR2.

I doubt this could have happened with an SSD storage Device .

Sure it would if power or data momentarily failed.

Nope, come to find out that my super/duper fast reader is not reading files correctly because if I put the same cards in a slower reader it reads the same files just fine.

This could explain my red streak problem then , I am using a super fast USB 3 External Drive Case with a super fast USB 3 PCI card and driver installed in this computer .

It is far more probable that all of the copies have a glitch at the exact same place in the same file , than a loose connection at the exact same place in every copy of the same file .

These were all created at differing times , Not one was done simultaneously with any other . Not a loose Connector then .

But if you FAT table is corrupted it could happen.

Another reason is the noise of the HDD which gets very tiresome and degrades the users thinking processes . So how valuable is ones ability to think clearly .

Like I said before I have LC system with 4 120mm fans outside. Noise does not bother me. My wife's voice bothers me. But both can be just white noise after a while.

So are you saying your wife is white ?

Look up definition of White Noise when people use it jokingly.

So are you saying if you go to noisy places you can't think clearly? Can we meet at your bank?

No . I always go alone .

Of course , that's why I only do banking at a very quiet Banks , and incidentally , I think this would be a very good name for a chain of banks . ( Very Quiet Bank ) . I like it .

So bank you go to is for mutes? No one speaks there?

It might be just incompatibility with the computer. Nothing would surprise me then it comes to HP.

I"m beginning to agree with you . I think all of my computers have been incompatible with me , and they were all HP Computers . This time I can rule out Murphy's Law , I bought them of my own free will .

I know I was helping you, remember?

I Remember Eugene , and I just want to say thanks again . You saved me years of agony trying to find the BIOS . That was some miraculous detective work you did for me .

I have two SSD drives installed , Both of these have W 7 installed and both are running fine when booted .

So , Will you please advise me what it is that is preventing the install and use of a second SSD inside the same Machine ?

Nothing possibly. But you have to understand that computer can only boot one operating system at the time.

Nothing but why do you even need 240GB since your OS only takes 60GB at the most.

Microsoft Updates . ( another 60 GB ) .

MS updates don't take that much. With all of the updates I only use 76GB right now.
I moved systemfile to another drive and all tmp files are also on another drive.

I see some quirky things happening in the computer but I usually stop or delete the errors as they happen . It seems that some file names have been switched and weird things like this .

Is this something that happens with SSD Storage ?

I have no idea.

Does it happen on your HD too?

File name errors have never happened to me with any HDD .

I just minutes before starting this reply , had to rename files because they had mysteriously adopted wrong names .

I never thought compression was 100% reliable , Had I known SSD drives depended on compression , I would never have purchased them .

This must be Murphy causing this again .

I don't think compression causing it. I think reliability of the company making these SSDs causing it. Search internet and see if other people having these problems.

These problems are very difficult to solve short of moving SSD to another non-HP computer.

It is like the same story with my Addonics card reader. I connected it to ICH10R which is industry standard controller by Intel on every motherboard. But reader does not work with all of the cards. Come to find out that Rob Galbraith has the same problem when he tested this reader. So I called Addonics and was told that they only tested it with their controller that has SI (Silicon Image) chip on it. How stupid can they be?

So I went and bought controller with SI chip on it. Now all my cards working with it, fast too. So since UDMA7 cards came out after I bought Addonics reader it might be my problem then. Lesson learned. Don't buy products from stupid company.

I like the speed of this reader though. I get 4 very large 5D2 RAW files transfer in one second. That is over 100MB/sec. So if I do see corrupted file I just have to transfer that particular file with another reader. At least they are not all corrupted.

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