The BIG question: do chicks dig photographers?

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The BIG question: do chicks dig photographers?

I've enjoyed some of the more light-hearted posts on this forum over the past few weeks...I like the fact that there are many users who can see the lighter side of our hobby, whether it's chuckling over a recent photographic faux par, some good-natured teasing of a fellow forum member due to a difference in opinion about gear, or even posting of a humorous picture simply for the sake of sharing a laugh. However as a relative beginner in this hobby I have to bow to the wisdom of those who feel the need to remind us that this is a "serious" forum, for discussion of "serious" (Sony-based) photographic topics only, and all other threads are a waste of time. Although I have not yet been on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing from the guardians of what is right and proper, I nonetheless thought I would pre-emptively demonstrate my desire to be a serious photographer by raising an important question that has plagued photographers since the days of the first camera obscura: "Do chicks dig photographers?".

This was stated as fact by a forum member in a recent thread, but I felt that for the good of the community it needed to be investigated in a more rigorous, scientific manner. So maybe we could answer some questions such as:

  • is there anything sexier than a man with a tripod slung over one shoulder, a camera hanging over the other, a fanny belt for spare batteries and filters, and a biege waistcoat with lenses in every pocket? (photographic evidence welcome to back up your assertion)

  • are us Sony users more appealing to women than our CaNikon / PentOly brethren due to our well-documented non-conformist bad-boy natures and devil-may-care attitude, or is it simply because we're better looking? (responses or rebuttals from non-Sony users of course welcomed)

  • will Louis Vitton's best work ever rival that of the fashion king/queen who designed the cotton carrier?

  • would P-Diddy or 50-cent be jealous of how gangsta we look when using a bush-hawk or other shoulder-mounted camera stabilising device?

Maybe some of our female forum members, or those with boyfriends/ husbands/ exes who are (or were) really into the hobby, could comment too...did your future spouse (or ex) spend 75% of your first date talking about the new 100mm F1.8 prime that he's been testing, or the bargain he got on a out-of-production Minolta SLR on Dixum? Please share, cos I'm sure many a fair maiden has been led astray by a dashing photonista applying this tried-and-tested approach

As for us guys, did your girlfriend / wife's knees go weak when she saw the sheer size of your new 70-400mm G lens? Or were those rubbery knees more due to the onset of the first stages of shock once she saw the hole you'd just put in your bank account?

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