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spade11a wrote:

I took a look at your website and you did a great job ! , but your wise crack about Greece was a little off.

No it's not, it was merely a tongue in cheek bit of humour...and besides, the Greeks themselves are the first to make jokes about their politics and ideosyncratic economic woes, etc.

My wife Krissoula (Greek) is always joking that Greeks need to start paying taxes instead of doing everything to avoid them

It seems as if you look down on Greece, yes the country is not in good economic standing, but on the other hand there are another 15 countries at least that are worse. The media plays a big role in shaping opinions and changing attitudes. Right now the whole world is in a crisis. Despite what you have seen when you were here, in order to really compare you would have to visit some other "poor" countries to see where the real problem is. Remember that Greece can't print money as some other countries can (I wont mention names

Personally, after 14 trips to Greece and another 8 years living in the region (Israel) I think that one of the main problems is that the "Euro Zone" now expects Greece to be the same as the northern European economies, etc., when in reality the cultural identity & mentality in the southern Mediterranean is completely different.

Greece, from an psycho-social perspective will never be like the UK, Holland, Germany, France, Belguim, Sweden, etc...and I (for one) don't want them to be either.

I think it was good that Greece joined the EU in 1988, but I'm not so sure that adopting the EURO currency was such a positive move.

Only time will tell, but enforcing the economic parameters that apply to northern Europe...may not work in Greece.


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