Hand Holding 18-200 with NEX5...

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Re: Hand Holding 18-200 with NEX5...

I use the exact same stances when shooting vertical, but just do it without tilting the screen. It's pretty easy actually - it's just a matter of bringing the camers slightly higher to around neck level so you can see the LCD, focusing or metering the shot as needed, half-pressing the shutter to lock, then moving the camera back down a few inches to chest level for the steady stance and hold - then shooting.

It's really no different than shooting verticals with literally every other P&S camera ever made - most of which do not have any form off tilting screen. Vertical photos have been taken for over a decade using LCDs with no tilt, so somehow many folks seem to have adapted. It's what I find most humerous about the rampant criticism of the tilting LCD - 'it doesn't swivel too, so it's horrible and it's the end of the world!'. I guess it's glass-half-empty vs half-full...I see it as better than 95% of the screens out there since it can tilt up or down, but others see it as worse than 5% because it can't also rotate. Personally, I like to many things about the action and the design and feel of the tilting screens over the swivelling ones that it's my preferred layout - when I want to shoot portrait orientation, I just do it as I have with dozens of other cameras in my past that didn't have any form of movable screen. It requires no more than 2 extra brain cells to figure out a workaround!

As you can see in my NEX gallery, I've shot plenty of portrait orientation shots (36 of them in my gallery), including some shutter speeds down to 1/15 and less, and night shots at high ISO, and hand-held twilight, and HDR. It's never been an issue:


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