Thom Hogan on the GF3 & upcoming PEN-mini

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Re: It's the lens size, dummy

I agree with you. M43 is where the promise of a small yet capable system comes to fruition. Now, right now both Sony and to a larger extent Samsung provide compact lenses in their line-ups but they are very limited. M43 system can be configured much better to suit the needs of photographers. Need to cover a wide range? Olympus 9-18mm and the Panosonic 45-200mm get you from 18mm to 400mm in an extremely small package. Throw in a 20mm pancake and you can even shoot reasonably well in low light. Hankering for Leica or Contax rangefinders with their jewel like small and yet impressive lenses? Get the upcoming Olympus 12mm f2, Leica 25mm f1.4, and the Olympus 45mm f1.8. None of the three is a pancake lens but they will all be compact and will give you no reason to complain about performance. Oh, and don't forget that on Olympus bodies these are all stabilized lenses. In the end, the range of possibilities with the m43 system is unmatched by the competition. And as John points out, there is an undeniable Goldilocks factor with the m43 system.

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