If new Pens come out with a new sensor, better IQ than the E-5

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If new Pens come out with a new sensor, better IQ than the E-5

for say $700-900 USD (about $1k less USD than the E-5) within the next month- this is less than a year of the E-5 being out- how do you feel about 4/3rsds?

By better IQ I mean better DR, ISO, higher resolution, at least same weak AA filter, etc.

  • "Natural progression of technology, nothing new. E-5 is about 8 months old with a 2.5 years old sensor design."

  • "I wish they had waited to put the same tech on the E-5"

  • "A sign that Olympus focus is micro four thirds and 4/3rds is pretty much done"

  • "Impossible! That can't happen. Not happening."

  • "Olympus better do an E-5 MK II with the same tech! And give us E-5 owners a discount!"

  • "Dont' care even if true, I need a big camera, real OVF"

  • something else

As for me I would think "Not too surprising if they want to survive."

This is of course a big fat IF . I would be interested in a camera like that if it's more on the pro side and it improves on the sensor (with a new design) enough. If if if. Ifity if.

Note: This thread should cause no distress or the like. Just conversation for those interested or curious to think about this. Those who aren't, I kindly ask you skip the thread.

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