DP1, DP2, Canon G12 Comparisons

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Re: DOF differences ...

It's surprising how little difference there is between modern Bayer images and the older Foveon technology, despite what some in this forum seem to think

It is surprising how many pictures from so many different cameras look so much the same in terms of quality

There are pics were the Sigmas are outstanding and you can really see the difference but there are pics were they look the same

I spend a bit of time on Flickr looking at different shots and there are pics there from DSLR's and point and shoots that look no different!
I am allways amazed at how good some of the point and shoots can be

I think its only when you spend time on a shot that you get a special result independent of brand ,sensor, lens etc

If you are doing point and shoot shots then I think a decent little P&S camera is actually better as this is what they are designed to do
They also have the advantage of being light and quick

We have some friends our age with little kids and our little panasonic with its machine gun ability frame rate is great as the little blighters are so fast!

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