A Nifty Fifty Day

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Re: A Nifty Fifty Day

Damianicus wrote:

I just couldn't buy the 50mf1.8 and popped the $300 more for the f1.4. Why? You use manual focus a lot on this lens and I absolutely hated the tiny lens-forward focus ring on the f1.8

I actually prefer the focusing of the nifty 50 for video.

While it may be more accurate it takes 4evah to focus the F1.4. The F1.8 is quick and gets me where I need to be in the blink of an eye.

With my run and gun family videos I'll take quick over super accurate any day.

BTW my F1.4 broke 3 times. It breaks if I look at it sideways. I destroyed one F1.8 by dropping it on cememt (landing on the lens probably saved my XT) but other than that it's been a very reliable lens.

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