Liveview AF not accurate?

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re: update - with 1.25 FW the bug is still haunting 7d

yeah, really weird, especially with all the other dinky little firmware updates they have given (worse is that they refuse to give it manual audio gains!)

plsu, as you say, they already have the code working without bugs in the movie mode!

jpr2 wrote:
the newest FW didn't change anything in this respect - what is strange
and annoying that with exactly the same everything: body, lens,
target, light... LV can't handle CDAF while in VM (video mode) CDAF
poses no problem at all


bronxbombers wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

...this bug? A simple workaround was discovered:

  • with exactly the same settings CD focusing behaves differently in LV vs. VM (video mode, but taking still pictures);

  • last time I've checked it was with FW ver. 1.10 and the bug was still there;

  • perhaps with FW 1.21 or 1.22 it might be gone?

here is the link to my previous findings:


Interesting, I see it first reported on the site fall 2009 and now again her Fall 2010 and now I just reported it myself early Summer 2011! Weird they don't fix this bug.

I also get messed up false histogram readings/exposure simulations at macro distances with macro lenses (I think all, not just L) shooting apertures under f/5.6. Set the exposure by look and histogram at f/2.8 and it looks perfect but the shot will be totally blown by a few stops! On the 7D at least.

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