What Sigma is, What Sigma is not. Or, let me add gas to the fire. Part I

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What Sigma is, What Sigma is not. Or, let me add gas to the fire. Part I

It's been a very long time since I've written a novella here in the forum, so it's time.

Who am I? I'm a part-time (which only means I have an other job that pays the bills) professional photographic ARTIST. What makes me a professional? Well, I've sold my images for, um, money. I declare my photographic ARTISTRY business on my income tax forms every year. My work, though not well know, has hung in several galleries in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. I'm a member of a local artist group who are all professional artists. I'm one of only two photographers in that group of 12. I print all my own images using only Epson printers and ink. I build my own frames, do my own matting, and mount my pictures with quality, professional materials. The average price for one of my pieces was about $425 (11x17, framed)...not high end but not bad for someone who was just starting out.

I have won a few awards (which isn't why I do this) and have even had a few images published. One of which was in a small booklet Sigma put together a few years ago for promotional purposes. That was indeed one of my greatest honors, admittedly.

Why am I an artist? I don't know. Ask God. All I know is the emotions and feelings I encounter from the moment I see something that I must capture an image of, all the way through the process to where I see that final piece of art hanging on the wall. It's a feeling that is unmatched by anything else...eclipsed only by the experience of witnessing the births of my children.

I do not work with, for, or on behalf of Sigma. I've never been a beta tester, reviewer, or insider. I've had the extreme honor of meeting several people on this forum personally, and a few people very closely associated with Sigma. I am proud to call them all my friends. I have learned much in my 5 years of being associated with this forum, these people, and my art.

When I first started my adventure into photographic arts, I took a lot of time to study. Not only the art form, but the tools of the art form as well. I studied cameras and lenses and software and printers and inks and etc and etc. I studied thousands of images. I traveled to see prints from different cameras first hand. I talked and asked questions and asked questions and asked questions.

In terms of art, I knew what I wanted to do...the look I wanted to achieve. After months and months of searching and studying, it became obvious to me that what I wanted to achieve in my art could only be had, for me, with Sigma.

My credentials aren't as astute as many here, but I'm not a neophyte either. I haven't been around much on the forum nor have I been very active the last few years with my art simply because of many life challenges I've had to endure. But it's now time for me to pick back up again and start creating the art I love.

Like many here, I was shocked to see the pricing for the new SD1. But I think what has spurred me to write this time, isn't the price of the camera, but rather the ongoing current debate about Sigma as a company and Sigma as a camera producer, especially in light of the SD1.

As long as I've been around, there has always been a debate about the quality of Sigma and it's camera. That debate has taken many forms, from the Foveon vs Bayer debate, to Nutella, to quality, Sigma management, Sigma users, camera features, ad infinitum. The debate is almost always generated because, quite frankly, ignorance of what Sigma has really achieved here with it's image capturing capabilities. The debates wage on because it’s the technophiles trying to decode the artists’ world. And that in a Nutella-shell (thank you Lawrence) is the crux of the issue with Sigma and those of us who were once known as Sigmaniacs.

(continued in next thread)
New Mexico, USA

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