D5100 plus what lens? (my first DSLR-general use)

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Re: D5100 plus what lens? (my first DSLR-general use)

kevinschoenmakers wrote:

Marc Trotter wrote:

I still have about $150 worth of points on that award site. So, I was wondering what I should also order. What kind of quality filter do you recommend for the lens? What SD card do you recommend for the D5100? What else should I pick up? Thanks again!

Don't worry about a UV filter. Your 18-105 should come with a hood, which will protect your lens just as well. (But instead of degrading image quality, like UV filters do, improve it.)

True enough, but how many of us actually use the hood? I've got a nice little nick on my lens from forgetting protection one busy evening of shooting. I don't normally use the hood since I'm pulling it in and out of the bag and would need a much bigger bag to store it in shooting position; the hood is also much more conspicuous. So I'm not against a high-quality UV filter on the lens; B/W, Heliopan, or the highest end Hoya should all work fine. It's those $20 specials you get at the photo hawkers that you have to stay away from. As far as a circular polarizer is concerned, the Nikon offering is actually quite good and not as expensive as the B/W and Heliopans; but prepare to spend close to $100 for this level of quality. Mine sits at home most of the time.

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