To Grip or Not To Grip?

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Re: Left-eyed?

WilbaW wrote:

ELSELS wrote:

WilbaW wrote:

I'm left-eyed so I shoot portraits with the camera turned clockwise (right hand low), which would negate one of the headline benefits of a grip.

I'm interested to hear from other left-eyed shooters - if you have a grip, do you shoot portraits like a right-eyed shooter?

I must use my left-eye to see and shoot with, (right eye - blind)...

Ah, okay, so it doesn't make any difference to your vision which way the camera is turned.

I usually turn the camera (counter-clock wise) so I can trigger the shutter, on the grip, with my right hand, index finger...

(I guess that constitutes, shooting in essence, like right-eyed shooter.)


Thanks for reading,

No worries, thanks for replying.

Have a nice day,

You too.


The bad things for only have eye-sight in only one eye (the left eye), is, shooting in the regular mode of operation, (holding camera horizontally, 'normal') shooting, is two things:

1) Your nose smears the LCD screen

2) I can't shoot like others have an advantage (I think) - - because they can 'keep an eye on the actual subject matter, while composing through the viewfinder with their right eye..

Never have been able to shoot that way, so, I guess it would be handy at times..?

We have to adjust and make do...

(As a side note: Riding motorcycle, without googles or a face-shield, windshield, getting a bug in your eye (if the left eye) for me is super dangerous...!)

(Yes, I've ridden bikes and that has happened, to slow down really fast, and pull over to the side of the road...)

Back to your 'positioning, of how you rotate the camera clockwise, I've tried, but it just feels too awkward to me..

Thanks for reading,


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