Paris - Lens Selection Advice

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Re: Paris - Lens Selection Advice

M Holmes wrote:

Thanks for all the recommendations. I'm planning to travel light which is why I'm imposing the two lens limit on myself. After all the feedback, we'll go with the 10-22, and the 50L 1.2. Thanks again!

That would be my recommendation. My last time in Paris, I had three lenses: 10-22, 35L 1.4, and 70-200L 4.0. The 70-200 never left my hotel room (I used it in the South of France in Cassis).

I never felt like I needed anything longer than the 35. The 35L was perfect for museums. The 50 is a little wider, but I always could have taken a step or two back if I had needed to. The 10-20 was surprisingly useful even in twilight.

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