Well I'm a beginer looking for a DSLR

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Re: Well I'm a beginer looking for a DSLR

GPGeneralPhoto wrote:

chiane wrote:

Remember also when looking at lenses that reach and 'telephoto' is not the only game in town. Ask yourself if you really zoom into things? In the point and shoot world, zoom is marketed as the only thing you ever need and the only game in town. I almost never zoom in my photography more than 85mm, so I would much rather go wide angle than long.

The OP did ask about telephoto and also said limited budget. So that kind of leaves wide angle lenses out due to price, the 12-24mm costs more than the whole two lens kit. The kit does 18mm, which is a wide angle. I recommend shooting with the kit lenses until experience is gained.
I'm thankful to still be able to...

First, he doesn't have to buy Pentax lenses. I've seen used Tamron 10-24mm for as low as $370, but that's besides the point. I only mentioned it because allot of beginners have only heard of telephoto because that's what's marketed towards them, Xtimes zoom! I think it's ok if he gets a little more info than exactly what he was asking. It's not like the internet will melt or something.

If I were starting, I'd like to know all the options out there so I didn't spend all my money on day one on something I may not need. Not everyone will enjoy shooting birds at 300 ft. away. And I wasn't really saying go buy it today. Maybe he holds off on a lens today for something else down the road. As you said, just get the kit lens and see what you need.

Geesh, tough crowd.

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