Was thinking about m43 until I bought the E620

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Ulfric M Douglas Veteran Member • Posts: 4,792
Re: G1 gives better results than e-620

mile_slo wrote:

... G1 + adapter to use my 14-54mk2 ... files from G1 are much sharper, with more details, blue skies are less noisier

Yes but there's something about the e-620's (we have G1s and e-600 etc) jpegs are so pleasant, despite it having a thicker AA-filter and generally noisier files all through the ISO range. As for skies ... Olympus all the way in terms of colour.

For pixel-peeping and intricate details I'll use the G1, even today I was comparing various bodies and found the G1 was picking up most detail on the horizon.

For general picture-taking the e-600 delivers the goods and doesn't disappoint, especially with the 40-150MkII lens. Just a really good combination.

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