Another D300 vs D7000 post !

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Re: Another D300 vs D7000 post !

I've been lately on the same bandwagon as to buy the D7000 or just wait a bit to see what Nikon has up it's sleeve with the D400. A friend of mind which has much more experience then I in photography told me to hold it off and I found merit in his way of thinking.

He told me that the D90 was the evolutionary efforts of Nikon of the experiences bought from the designs of the D50 , D70 , D80 and D100 . I would dare say that's why it is so good and hardly anyone has had complaints on it's performance( thats also the reason no firmware updates haven't come out on the D90 ever) . It was a mature product design from experience

Now the D7000 is not an evolutionary product but rather a revolutionary product in the sense that it is a whole new design . The metering is new, the autofocusing system is new . Plus he says that it seems Nikon rushed the production in an effort to get the camera out on the market for the christmas selling season.

With all this , he said it is wise to wait just a few months time as he is sure that the D400 will be a glorified super D7000 much better then it with all the bugs smoothed out. The fact that the D5100 seems not to have the overexposure issues of the D7000 in high contrast conditions seems give credibility to that way of thinking.( I dare say that some believe that the D5100 has been design around the beginners market and the D7000 more around the advance amateur and as that given the metering system the capablity of better dynamic range using PP ) That way of thinking does not fare well with me because as I see it the better metering and the more exact metering system is the better one. I can't see Nikon Designing a metering system prone to overexposure just so that those who know how can get better DR using pp.

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