next generation - when will we see

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Re: next generation - when will we see

S601superflow wrote:

With the increase in flexibility of touch screen controls in the Lumix g series. is the next logical step blue tooth connectivity with smart phones?

Olympus already has a bluetooth module called PenPal; currently it only works with the E-PL2. It's also a very limited application and could be made far more useful and interesting.

The current quality of the screen on on the fruit brand smart phone is most impressive.

Is it now time to see blue tooth connectivity for real time display on smart phones & pad displays. I can see this as a useful tool for remote camera operation on high tripods etc or studio work to allow large format composition during the shoot.

What are your thoughts?

Like others are saying, it would be great to make the camera more 'App'-able. Start at least with the ability to develop, upload and share Art Filters for direct application to photos and videos.

But many more exciting things can be conceived: wifi connectivity to Tablets etc. Abitlity to upload Processing engines from third parties (great market for Adobe etc.)...

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